Hey reader, hope you’re doing good! I thought i would upload a bunch of my sketchbook paintings which i filmed as a time-lapse video. Each painting on average takes around 40 mins to an hour to complete (30 seconds in time-lapse) I never usually have any idea of what im going to paint beforehand unless its a certain character i want to get down more often than not requires a sketch before hand. I really enjoy these traditional paintings, theres no stress or preconception involved in the process and it doesnt feel like work at all! I get alot of ideas for final rendered paintings from my sketchbook stuff, i feel some of the best ideas come when your not really thinking (i covered this in more detail in the blog post below)

The video linked below (Dwarf Hunter Timelapse) shows a more real time look at my pencil sketching process, i have speed it up x2 so its not too long winded, the video then goes into a highly speed up overpainting onto my sketch to completion.

Finished Sketch Painting (below) Nobody Tosses a DWARF

The next video below (Acrylic sketchbook painting timelapse compilation) shows a bunch of my sketchbook acrylic paintings filmed in timelapse mode. As i said earlier, each painting on average would take 40 minutes to an hour, the timelapse speeds this up to 30 seconds per painting!

When i have time i will be creating some more in-depth videos about sketching and painting and what i have learnt so far. I have learnt some really important skills i want to share when it comes to sketching and generating ideas. Hope you gained something from these videos, keep an eye out for some more in-depth tutorials coming up!