and your going to find it really surprising, its been super hard for me to gather all my thoughts about this and i feel this blog is a good place to explain my thoughts and feelings towards the situation thats been grinding at me for a long time. so here goes, sorry if this seems a bit all over the place.

I just love keeping a sketchbook!

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I have made it part of my daily routine to draw or paint into my sketchbook. Im finding that going back to the very basics of drawing an image has been super important to my growth as a painter, its helping me really think about the design of a painting more and how perspective & camera angles really can greatly improve a painting composition and overall wow factor!

Yes im that wierdo that draws logs in the woods..

Its nice to just paint without any expectations or the stress that it has to be a “masterpiece” or something…. Its strange but some of my best ideas have come from the sketchbook, i think this is because there is no thinking really involved and you’re free to just be spontanious with your work, as one of my favourite spiritual teachers has said.

True creativity flows only from stillness. When stillness becomes conscious, the spiritual dimension enters your life and you begin to be guided by an intelligence far greater than the human mind. (Eckhart Tolle)

I think this is true.

Its the same reason why most humans drink alcohol, take drugs, partake in dangerous sports or activities and immerse themselves in a hobby. its to escape the mind and be free of it.

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. (Eckhart Tolle)

So yes, any digital artists out there who spend all day staring at the computer screen, start a daily sketch using traditional methods, it will break up your day nicely and you will learn some important fundamentals too. who knows, one of your sketches might be your next masterpiece !