Alright fellow humans!

2020 was a shit year for a lot of us we know, and that sucks! But sometimes something good happens out of the darkness. 2020 was the year i really truly became a professional full time artist. For me the lockdown has been (and continues to be) the perfect opportunity to literally spend all my time painting, drawing, 3d sculpting and learning the ins and outs of my craft to a level of obsession without any distractions. I’m super grateful that I don’t have any real responsibilities (family, mortgage) and after I returned from 2 years travelling without a home my parents were kind enough to have a room for me and a loft-space to create a makeshift studio in for which I am very grateful for!

Anyway….. I like to keep a sketchbook to fill with acrylic paintings and pencil doodles for future ideas, but also studies from other artists I like. So, I thought I would photograph each page and share it! You might recognize a few that become final paintings 🙂

I invite you to take a look.


Look after yourselves.