After benefiting greatly from participating in this year’s #inktober challenge I have decided to come up with another daily challenge for November, this time focused on landscape painting.

Pictured above is the poster I made for myself stating the objectives and the rules, now there’s no way I invented studying Google Maps images but I wanted to create a challenge for myself that would help improve my knowledge of landscapes in a quick simple way.

I am hoping that giving myself only 1 hour per study will help me capture the mood, composition, values and hue of a painting without having time to worry about the detail. The study should be able to read from a distance, so I need to be able to break my landscape up into simple shapes and values to quickly capture the image.

Above is an example of a screenshot of a Google Maps street view image. I will think of a place I have been or would like to go, search for it in Google Maps and use the street view feature to virtually walk around the area until I see a nice composition. I then screenshot it and make a side by side painting of the scene being sure not to cheat by colour picking etc and just painting what I see.

Pictured above is my current setup showing how I will be undertaking these studies. Photoshop on the left screen and my Google map screenshot on the right.

Feel free to join me on this challenge and share your studies with me !