I would like to welcome you to my website, Before i tell you what can be found here i would like to thank anyone who has supported me in my art journey so far, without support and interest from other people what is even the point in creating things? its for people to enjoy and to bring thier imagination to life, art is meant to be shared whether it be through music, film, painting etc etc 🙂 i do this to make people happy ! (makes me happy too) Ok, emotional part over….. time to get my business hat on. On my website you will be able to buy high quality art prints on photo paper, prints on canvas stretched over a wooden frame, You will be able to purchase one of a kind traditional canvas acrylic paintings too. You can view my gallery, read my blog (as you are doing now !) and most importantly you can send me any art commission requests directly in the CONTACT section of my page. Im just getting started with this endeavour so keep checking my page for new content weekly !

Mark (G-hamm) Graham