i want to talk about the state of being that modern times has dubbed your “mental health”

whether its been diagnosed as stress, anxiety, depression, worry or whatever……. most of us will go through this in one of its many forms at some point in our lives ( or possibly all of your life ) and i am most definitely one of them.

I wont go into too much detail about my personal journey with mental health, as its something i would like to keep between my friends and family or anyone whom i trust to open up to about this to, its also a different experience for every individual, so i dont want to you get any preconceptions into your head about the condition. But i will say this, “mental health” is NOT to be ignored, brushed-off or underestimated. If anyone you care about seems a little “off” or not themselves, a little worried about life or a little down in mood, just be there for them and support them. Its a crucial part of them getting well again, the individual may not even understand what they are going through or be too embarrassed to say. Some people are litarally going through hell and you may not even realise. Those who go through major depression for example barely get through it with their lives, if you look at the male suicide figures alone, its shocking……..

It all leads me to reflect on how important “purpose” is in an idividuals life.

Without purpose there is no real reason to get out of bed in the morning, theres no reason to stay motivated and excited by your day. Without believing in yourself and having passion in your life, it can all start to seem pretty bleak.

Some people have great freinds, family, husbands, wives and children, this brings them enough purpose and love in their life to put up with the daily grind of working a job they might despise for example. some people have passionate hobbies that keep them going and that gives them purpose to explore and create something unique to this world which can be truely fofilling and satisfying.

The sad truth is that some people dont have either of these things. This is where mental health can wreek havock with people.

Without purpose a human being is an empty shell, nothing is made to not serve some sort of purpose…

Remember when you were a kid, everything was a discovery and things were exciting! and you may have even found things you’re truely passionate about in life!! but somewhere along the way you forgot how to live this way which leads you down a negative path to live a life of mediocraty and a “that’ll do” mind-set and to lose that spark and energy (LIFE) that we all need to feel fullfilled have a life worth living.

I have been fortunate to have a loving family and a supportive/understanding/legendary friend group, i have also been motivated and lucky enough to start to live out my dream in life (early days yet) and since changing my mindset to believing i can actually make this happen, something has changed inside of my brain, im now excited by life again! things are interesting and theres passion in my daily work. It has then in turn greatly improved my “mental health” or as to not treat it like an illness, its stopped my path of negativity and low self-esteem that was causing problems in my daily life. Im not saying im a beaming ray of happiness now but compared to how i have normally felt throughout my life, its a world of difference to me.

I feel guilty as i say this though, as most people dont have the option to make such big changes in their life.

To them i say do whatever you can to bring back as much purpose in your life as your life situation allows for, it will greatly improve your well-being, im not saying “the cure to mental health problems is to do art” but all im saying is that with enough purpose and passion in your life, your mind litarally doesnt have enough energy to be negative and anxious about things.

In my experience, the key to most mental health problems (im excluding obvious brain mulfuctions or chemical imbalances as im not a doctor!) is all to do with having a purpose.

I could really go on and on about this subject as its been such a huge thing in my life (and billions of other lives for that matter) but what we now call mental health is just……you! its not an illness, its called being a highly emotionally intellectual human-being in this crazy world of confusion, negativity, fear, high expectations, high demand and high comparison to others ! dont feel sorry for yourself and label yourself anxious or depressed and continue doing the same you have always done in life. You can only change how you feel if you take action of your own emotions.

I just want to end this post by saying if anyone reading this is just not “feeling right” or even going “through hell” your not alone and you can get better, find that reason to get up in the morning!!!!! tell your friends or family that you are not well, they will understand! if you dont have a close family or friend group, tell a mental health professional ! just tell someone okay ! all the boring and Cliché things you were always told when you were young are just simply the truth, theres no magical pill or technique to learn to get better. you need to change the way you live and interpret your life and thats it. (again im talking about normal brain fuctioning anxiety and depression, im not a doctor)

I would like to deeply thank anyone in my life thats helped me or even just listened to me while i have been at my worst.

Without help and understanding it would be 10000000000 times harder to deal with.

YOU are stronger than you think.

YOU can climb mountains. (metaphorically speaking)